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Want to learn how to get out of debt, WIN with your money, or are you looking for some Money saving/Frugal tips?

Good. Because that is exactly what this blog is all about.


That’s life on a budget was launched in 2016 as a community for people who are looking to win with their money, people who want to get out of debt, and people who are looking to learn some new money saving strategies.

We are a community that encourages those struggling to make it to the next pay day. We celebrate with you on your financial successes. We believe that if you work hard and stay focused long enough, you too can have financial freedom. Other things we believe in?

  • We believe the borrower is slave to the lender. Proverbs 22:7
  • We believe If you live like no one else, later you can live like no one else.
  • We believe Cash is King
  • We believe a budget is key to your success
  • We Believe that you are deserving of your financial freedom, that you have what it takes to say “NO, to debt” and that you will make good money choices given the right tools to do so. We are here to give you those tools needed to see some great financial success in your life today and everyday after.

All of this to say this community that I have created is here to help you achieve your Financial greatness.

Who is this lady and why did she start a blog?


Well, thanks for asking. I am Stephanie, a wife to a hard working man, a mom to a crazy smart toddler and most importantly a God fearing woman.

My path to being financially – savvy started way back to when I was just a baby. My mom was and still is a hard working woman and she wanted to give her children more then what she had growing up, but she was not willing to pay the price tag amounts.

My mom often, if not always shopped for the best deals, she went to second hand stores, she excepted hand me downs and when faced with shopping retail she BE-LINED for the clearance racks. Seeing as I was attached to my mom’s hip all the time and still am in some ways. I learned by her example what it meant to be smart with my money.

I headed off to college to study animal care with only $3,500 that is all I had for my entire college course which was two semesters. I bought used text books, I shopped at a discount grocery store and I walked everywhere. At the end of my college year I came back home with still money in the bank.

Fast forward a few years I started my own dog grooming business. I was not willing to go into debt to start this business so I found many useful frugal tips via the internet to help me cut cost. A dog grooming table similar to what I used would be $1,000 and up but with some skills set forth by my father I converted a car table jack into a grooming table saving this girl $700.

When I got married I found myself with a lot more responsibilities and financial stress. We both had low paying jobs, I fell sick and had to stop work for a bit, and my husband got laid off. That’s when I found Dave Ramsey and I have never looked back.

I became so passionate about finance, I consumed my time with reading and learning new ways to save money, invest my money and have a plan for my money. My husband and I quickly started living off a written budget and saw just how much we could be saving if we stopped spending in certain areas.

I took this new found passion of mine and started talking about it to everyone that would listen. I had friends come to me for advice and I saw some progress in their financial habits. I had this new passion to help people figure out their finances.

So one day I looked at my husband and told him that I wanted to pursue this as a career for myself. I prayed to God asking him if this was the right choice for me. Didn’t you know within 2 minutes my phone rang and it was a Dave Ramsey Rep calling me to give me information on the Financial Coach Master Series I inquired about 5 months prior. If that wasn’t an answer to prayer I don’t know what is.


So in July of 2015 I completed the Financial Coach Master Series, I was on cloud nine but I thought to myself now what? I want to go out and help people but I am not a good speaker, I feel awkward in crowds, how am I to help people.

So, I prayed again and out of that prayer I feel God lead me to launch That’s life on a budget, were I can help many people learn about budgeting, how to get out of debt, how to save money and to learn some frugal living tips,  and the best part is I don’t have to stand up in front of a crowd to do so.

I am not say that I know everything about finance, there is a ton to learn out there. I am however always learning and applying new finance strategies in my life and I look forward to sharing what i learn with you. Please come along and join me in this journey.

So that is my story you guys, I would love to hear from you in the comment section, where are you at in your financial journey?

Let’s be friends, shall we? Connect with me on any of my Social Media platforms.

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